19 May Playlist

  1. Wye Oak “Civilian”
  2. Weezer “My name is Jonas”
  3. Birdy “Skinny Love”
  4. The Black Keys “Tighten Up”
  5. Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina “What Ifs”

First Post

This will be my daily blog…..to reflect and review my process of moving on and finding myself after divorce. I hope during my process I can help those going through this themselves. If nothing more, it will help me reflect and gauge where I have been and how far I’ve come.

18 May 2017

Daily advice from the wise:

“Stop being stagnant and waiting for life

Don’t wait on the approval of others

Time is not your friend

Stop making plans. Be spontaneous and go on adventures

In the mix of being “lost” you end up finding yourself”.

This is something I now live by. I have, for the first time in a very long time, found myself.

On the open road, I have healed my spirit and have truly grasped who I am and what I want out of my life. Seems silly that driving with an amazing playlist could bring such profound change, but those 30+ hours with myself and no real destination in mind,  has helped me more than just sitting in an office “talking about it” ever has. Now, not to knock Doc, because a little guidance helps too.

The truth is, we all hold the key to fix ourselves because lets face it, we are the only ones that can. We know exactly what we need, it’s just finding it within ourselves to get it. Change happens constantly.

They say people don’t change, but I beg to differ. Life changes everyday. We grow older everyday, we gain experiences everyday. Some aren’t exactly life changing in the instant they happen, but they do mold and shape who we are. I am finding the key to happiness is being true to thy self. Yes, ancient old philosophy, but it’s stuck around for a reason. We all get caught up in the everyday and get caught up in these vicious cycles and routines. Maybe that is why we lose touch with ourselves and others.

Today, take a step back and look at something that makes you smile. My smiling moment today has been looking at airline tickets to fly back home to Wisconsin to attend a wedding of a dear friend and mentor. What is your reason?