11 June 2017

Sundays are Fun Days

Current Song Playing: Dancing Shoes by Green River Ordinance

Well, so much for the daily post! Life got a little crazy for a moment ;). In my absence, I have worked 240 hours, wrote over 6000 words, completed 4 major projects and managed to keep my sanity. Quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself.

So lets reflect, shall we :).

This past month has had it’s fair share of ups and downs…but let us focus on the positives for now. I have began riding again! Ahh.. the therapy that comes from mutual respect and trust is unsurpassable. It’s a great reminder as to why I do the daily grind. As a teenager  I rode almost everyday. It helped me through a very difficult time in my life (story for another day) and taught me responsibility and helped to develop the work ethic I have today. Nothing beats the smell of the ranch, NOTHING.

I hung out with a friend that I haven’t seen since walking the stage at graduation. It was weird to hang out again, seems like we are so different now and the puzzle piece no longer fits. Just to think that even just three short months ago, I couldn’t imagine my life without her, we are slowly becoming strangers. I think it’s due to her staying somewhat stagnant and I have continued to move onward. This tells me one thing, life is changing and I have shifted again. Change is on the horizon…that’s the point of self improvement, right?

I took sometime last night to look at my life over the course of this year, and it’s AMAZING the profound change. I had started a photo journal last year when everything was just a mess. I was still grieving my mothers death, my ended marriage, no money, no home, no family, just nothing. I needed something. I needed to get out and look at the world, even if the photos were cold and muted, I still got out. I will post the progression of the photos from the months, and you can see when I was starting to really heal and see the world differently. It’s amazing how depression really skews your view of the world. It’s actually sad looking back at those photos. It was a necessary journey, but a very lonely one.

This past month lesson I learned was to always go after what you want, because the time will pass anyway. Do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for. One of the projects due this week is a letter that I am to write to myself and will be given to us when we graduate. I am excited to read it when I prepare to walk the stage for a second time. I want to see if I accomplished what I set out to do, and to see the little surprises in store that I can not possible account for. This is the first time in a VERY long time, I am genuinely excited to see where I will be.

I always wonder, what is it that other people strive and work for. What makes others tick? What drives them? It’s always interesting to listen to others perspectives in life. What drives you? What makes you smile? What makes you keep going on when all you want to give up? These are the questions that just drives my curiosity. Well until next time, stay safe and stay you.




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