14 June 2017 – Jack Daniel and Jesus

Listening to: “Mississippi” by The Secret Sisters


Jack Daniels and Jesus. One gets you through the day, one gets you to another. I have had many conversations with Jesus while Jack kept me company. I share my deepest secrets and my sins in hopes my soul will cleanse and I will wake up refreshed, anew. Handmade problems, man-made ideals and unrealistic perspectives, it’s no wonder Jack continues to be that always understanding friend.

Wandering through life, using the compass of Jack Sparrow, the definition of home morphs and you begin to wonder what it is you are truly searching for. It’s wanting to become a better person and yet staying in stagnant, muddy swamp, expecting clear, flowing waters. In those moments, it makes you wonder if it’s change you really seek, or just a mask to cover the true identity of your nature. We all find beauty in the darkness that comes with sin, if we didn’t, then we would never accept the invite to dance with the Devil. So seductive, so easy, an affair we crave. We marry an ideal of ourselves to please society and yet close the doors to ensue in the whirlwind of magic that becomes when we allow our horns to show.

It’s a continuous war we hold within ourselves, ideals vs reality. Jesus makes me come to terms with the wrongs in my life, the sins, trying to bring me to the light. Jack is that friend that sits in the dark, in silence and accepts you as just as you are.


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