17 June 2017 – Sailboats and No Wind

Oceans wide and deep have nothing in comparison to the depths of pain in my soul. Einstein states that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results….so what’s the point of it all? It’s an endless game, different opponents, with the exact same results. Little by little you get torn apart, closed in, and broken just a bit more. Bitterness replaces butterflies and we cage in the very thing that gives absolute meaning to everything. Loneliness crawls into your bed, and leaves you a cold reality. Thunderstorms of tears flood the pillow of dreams and desires. Investments with no real gain, the mind plays parent to the heart that lacks insight. Confused, rejected, you’ve become a sailboat stuck with no wind. You began a journey to a destination that has no direction, no place on a map. Ashes from previous lives scatter everywhere, while you stand nowhere. Homeless, you search for a place that feels familiar….has meaning. Maybe the curse in life is to have a mind that doesn’t trust the heart. Leading my soul in the war of finding me, it becomes empty conquests. Battered, bruised, broken. The heart has a cage for a reason….for as beautiful as it is…the romance with hope as become a toxic relationship of shattered souls.


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