19 June 2017- an Bogha Báistí

Listening to Eurielle “Carry Me”

Dispersion of light, from the heaviest of storms, produces the most vibrant colors against the darkest of grays. The treasures that lie at the end of this rainbow make you rich in life, not gold.

Storms cleanse and refresh. Though unpleasant, it’s necessary that we go through them. How else can you dance in the rain? I always looked at rainbows as a peace offering, as a smile from God to say there is still beauty in the darkest of times.

My life has had it’s fair share of storms. It’s hell going through it all but, once the sun is out, you look back, and the colors that paint the sky give a sense of accomplishment. If it weren’t for the storms, we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t change. My perspective matures. Kind words grow during frustrations, tears result in strength, a broken heart brings comfort to the world. It’s in these times that defines us. We show the world that we are one of two kinds, Victors or Victims. Victors push through, no matter how hard it gets, to get to where they want to go. They will continue until it’s accomplished. Victims give up,  excuse,  and become the villain of their own story.
I have chosen to be a victor. I am a survivor. I will continue forward and will only look back to admire the rainbow and smile upon my victory.



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